There Are Some Tips To Prevent Losing Your Motorbike Keys

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, that’s the analogy when you look for a motorbike key when you forget to save it. Especially when you are pressed for time, you feel that you are currently playing in an action film with criminals besieging from various directions. This incident is almost experienced by most people, looking for a lost motorbike key is almost as depressing as looking for true love that is difficult to come by. That’s why some people tend to hire a trusted auto locksmith when they’ve lost their motorbike keys.

So you don’t get stressed looking for a lost motorbike key, here are some simple tips to make your motorbike key easy to find:

Use a heavy key chain

Remember, always wear a hanger on the motorbike key so that it is easy to find if you forget to save it. Giving a hanger on the key will make you always remember where the motorbike key is. Moreover, if the hanger is heavy enough, the motorbike key is likely to “hide” even less.

Check the two main keyholes on the motorbike

When in a parking lot or veranda, always make sure to check the two keyholes on the motorbike before leaving it; the keyhole to start the motorbike and the keyhole to open the trunk of the motorbike. Most people usually will easily forget to take back the motorbike key that is hanging on the two keyholes.

Hang it over the nail directly in front of the bedroom entrance or mirror

Place a special hanger to store motorbike keys in the places that are most often passed while at home. You can place the key in front of the room entrance, next to the mirror, on the living room wall, and so on.

Do not keep keys in your pocket

Remember, keeping your motorbike key in your pocket will make it prone to falling due to involuntary body movements. Because the shirt pocket has a size that is quite large, the possibility of losing the motorbike key will get bigger. On the other hand, if your shirt pocket has buttons, the chances of losing the key are smaller.