Supporting Your Child Reading Habits with Children’s Stories

By the time your child turns 7, their language development has accelerated. Especially at this age, your child has started to enter elementary school. At this age, your child generally has begun to show an interest in reading, which is supported by a longer attention span. It is at times like this that you can start building your children learning reading, one of which is by introducing them to light and interesting reading, such as children’s storybooks.

By building this reading habit, your child will certainly get the benefits he needs. Come on, see what are the benefits of supporting the habit of reading with children’s stories for the following growth process for your child.

Supports logical thinking skills
Reading children’s stories can help your child learn to develop their imagination, understand the concept of cause and effect, think logically, and learn about positive values. Through reading activities, your children can also find the information and solutions they need. The reading process will familiarize children with sorting and digesting information effectively

Improve communication skills
As your child reads stories to children, he will be introduced to vocabulary words that he may not have previously known. He will also be introduced to various characters through the characters in children’s stories and receive information about various types of emotions and interactions between the characters in the story.

Practice concentration
To be able to read children’s storybooks and capture the messages in the story, your child needs to concentrate and focus on the reading activities he is doing. The more often your child reads, the more he will get used to concentrating. Good concentration will later help children in doing their school assignments optimally.

Support your child’s brain development
A study led by Dr. John S. Hutton, a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, said that when a child is read to a story by his parents, the parts of his brain that play a role in understanding language, concepts and memory are activated. The same thing happened to children who were older. This study also states that the level of brain activity is higher in children whose families support reading habits in their daily lives. When the brain is actively working, the nerves of the brain will develop and interconnect which of course will support the development and work processes of your child’s brain.

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