Shimano Fishing Reel Recommendations

The reel is an important part of fishing equipment. Using a reel will make it easier for anglers to attract fish or throw bait. Well, here are some of the best shimano spinning reel recommendations for you.

A good reel is a must for fishing to be comfortable. A quality reel will make every throw or pull of the fishing line measurable. Even a good reel can allow you to “fight” the fish hooked to the maximum. There are various types or sizes of reels on the market to suit each of your fishing fields. Make sure the reel you choose is correct and of high quality. So that the pull is good and good. If you hear of the Shimano brand, chances are that you will be reminded of the derailleur aka quality mountain bike / racing gear kit. For those who like fishing, Shimano will remind you of another thing that is no less quality, namely the fishing reel. Shimano fishing reels are known to have various advantages.

Using Super Magnesium Magnesium is a lightweight aluminum-like metal. However, magnesium is also very strong and corrosion-resistant. Magnesium is also easy to form. Of all these advantages, it is not wrong if the Shimano reel is made with magnesium material, namely Super Magnesium for the rotor and body parts. All of that so that you always feel comfortable fishing anywhere and anytime.

Larger Drive Gear Diameter for Easier Winding One advantage of the Shimano reel over reels from other brands in the larger drive gear or side gear. In addition, Shimano also designed the drive gear ratio and the pinion gear to be precise. With this advantage, it will be easier for you to do the rolling or stretching when fishing.

The presence of an EL layer on the surface of the spool The EL coating on the spool surface is also one factor that makes Shimano reels always a very high-quality product. This layer will make every part of the reel, especially ball bearings (buckshot) to always be well lubricated and can always move smoothly and softly so that every spin or pull of the fishing line feels soft and light.

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