Scientific Ways To Clean Your House After Floods

Apart from hampering activities, flooding also has unpleasant impacts after the tide recedes. We have to clean the house completely because the water that comes in is certainly not clean water. In addition, cleaning up after the flood must also be done immediately considering the germs it carries will have a negative impact on health. If you need help, you can visit

Is your house also flooded? If so, you must know the right steps to clean the house effectively.

The first step, of course, is to clean the remaining water from your house. Once the flood receded, the house would still be filled with puddles. The first step you need to do is remove all the remaining water immediately. You can use a rubber mop or scoop to do this. Make sure nothing is left in every corner of the house. If necessary, move furniture to a non-flooded area so that the cleaning process can be more thorough.

Clean the mud that is still attached to the floor. Not only water, flooding also brings mud and soil into the house. With the same tool, you also have to remove all the material stuck to the floor. The longer you let it sit, it will dry out and be difficult to remove. To make it more effective, you can rinse it with water, carbolic acid, mop, or even disinfectant. That way, the smell of dirty water in the house can be minimized.

Clean the walls. The wall is the hardest part to clean after a flood has hit. You have to make sure the area is completely dry so that it doesn’t grow mold. In addition, walls that are left wet will also make the house damp and not good for the lungs. Reporting from the University Minnesota Extension page, if possible, remove wall layers that are damaged by water. After the situation is completely safe, cover the walls again with a waterproof coating or wall paint. If you use wallpaper, remove it immediately because the water will get stuck in it and become a fungus.
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