Full of Emotions, This is the Best Drama That Makes Auto Cry!

Love dramatic melancholy stories? What else is romantic? That’s right, who like drama! This time, free movie streaming websites will provide a series of the best romantic drama films that touch and can make you moved with their stories. First is the best drama film about a wife who loses her memory and forgets her husband: The Vow (2012). Immediately starting with this one Hollywood film, The Vow. Adapted from a true story, this film tells about the struggle of Leo (Channing Tatum) in recovering the memory of his wife, Paige (Rachel McAdams), about himself, who unfortunately disappeared in an accident. Accompanied by various obstacles, ranging from Paige’s unfriendly attitude towards Leo, the rejection of Paige’s parents for her second marriage, to Paige’s ex-fiancÈ who returns to her life, makes you feel at home watching this film until finally the unexpected one.

Second, the Best Drama Film About the Long Journey of Love and Friendship: Love, Rosie (2014). Get ready to be captivated by this one film. It all started when Alex (Sam Claflin) kissed Rosie (Lily Collins) once at a bar. Unfortunately, the incident was simply forgotten because the two of them had been friends since the age of 5, and didn’t want to make their relationship awkward. The decision was followed by those who dated other people and it resulted in Rosie becoming pregnant out of wedlock. It took twelve years for the truth about that night’s bar kiss to come out. Nothing is short in love, huh.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, this film tells the story of Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke), a 26-year-old girl with minimal skills, who ends up caring for a paralyzed man, Will Traynor (Sam Claflin). Best Drama Film About a Cold Man Suddenly Paralyzed and a Cheerful Plain Woman: Me Before You (2016). Will suffered from depression because he was suddenly paralyzed, even though he enjoyed challenging physical activities, such as bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and so on. Lou’s bright nature slowly melts Will’s cold and closed heart, until then the two of them fall for each other.

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