4 Kibo Code Entrepreneurs’ Tips To Keep Businesses Surviving During The Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic not only has an impact on public health but also has a major impact on economic stability. Many business actors have begun to experience a decrease in turnover, reduction of employees, or even out of business. This condition is not indiscriminate, both large and small companies experience this. Then how do you make your business survive during a pandemic? By using kibo code quantum, you can handle your business even in the worst of circumstances!

1. Improve Financial Planning and Management
The first tip for entrepreneurs is of course financial management because it plays an important role, especially in times of crisis like this. Expenditure planning must be done more carefully so that the flow of company funds is not hampered. Always prioritize more crucial interests for the continuity of our business activities and set aside additional expenses.

2. Develop Short Term Plans during the Pandemic Period
In uncertain times like this, the next tip for entrepreneurs is to develop short-term strategies specifically for the pandemic. One strategy is to prioritize commodities that are in market demand even though previously these commodities were classified as secondary commodities in the company. However, it cannot be denied that people’s needs are shifting with the pandemic and the implementation of these new regulations.

3. Take advantage of online services
The existence of sales, delivery, and promotion services that can be accessed online is the next tip for entrepreneurs. It’s good that we take advantage of these services as much as possible. Sales, delivery, and promotions can be made online via websites, social media, or trading exchange sites. Also, there is nothing wrong with doing special promotions for ordering via online channels or running a donation program to attract consumers to buy products online.

4. Stay In Touch With Employees
Another thing that is no less important in maintaining business continuity during this pandemic is communicating the condition of the company to employees. Establish clear policies such as policies for working from home, unpaid leave, and quarantine decisions for employees with certain health conditions.

Building good communication with employees not only keeps them calm when carrying out their duties. However, we can also build trust and understanding of their position for the company. If necessary, rearrange the placement of important positions in the company so that employee performance remains optimal.

There Are Some Tips To Prevent Losing Your Motorbike Keys

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, that’s the analogy when you look for a motorbike key when you forget to save it. Especially when you are pressed for time, you feel that you are currently playing in an action film with criminals besieging from various directions. This incident is almost experienced by most people, looking for a lost motorbike key is almost as depressing as looking for true love that is difficult to come by. That’s why some people tend to hire a trusted auto locksmith when they’ve lost their motorbike keys.

So you don’t get stressed looking for a lost motorbike key, here are some simple tips to make your motorbike key easy to find:

Use a heavy key chain

Remember, always wear a hanger on the motorbike key so that it is easy to find if you forget to save it. Giving a hanger on the key will make you always remember where the motorbike key is. Moreover, if the hanger is heavy enough, the motorbike key is likely to “hide” even less.

Check the two main keyholes on the motorbike

When in a parking lot or veranda, always make sure to check the two keyholes on the motorbike before leaving it; the keyhole to start the motorbike and the keyhole to open the trunk of the motorbike. Most people usually will easily forget to take back the motorbike key that is hanging on the two keyholes.

Hang it over the nail directly in front of the bedroom entrance or mirror

Place a special hanger to store motorbike keys in the places that are most often passed while at home. You can place the key in front of the room entrance, next to the mirror, on the living room wall, and so on.

Do not keep keys in your pocket

Remember, keeping your motorbike key in your pocket will make it prone to falling due to involuntary body movements. Because the shirt pocket has a size that is quite large, the possibility of losing the motorbike key will get bigger. On the other hand, if your shirt pocket has buttons, the chances of losing the key are smaller.

How to Choose a Forex Broker

If you want to start investing in forex and learn about high leverage forex, you can visit http://www.cnie.org/highleverage/forex-scalping-high-leverage.html and get the best forex investments. There are a lot of forex brokers. What does it mean? There are also regulated and unregulated brokers. How to tell the difference? Learn carefully on this page, so that later no one chooses the wrong forex brokers. With so many types of forex brokers, we as traders should choose which one?

1. Regulation Status
The regulatory status of a broker is often synchronized with the security of your funds at the broker. Thus, brokers with elite class regulation as mentioned in the previous section are the highest prestige brokers, followed by brokers with middle-class regulation, offshore regulation, then non-regulated brokers. However, actually, each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in investing in tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of US dollars, then it would be better to sign up for a well-regulated forex broker. But if you only want to invest small-medium, then brokers with middle-level regulation can be more practical.

2. Transaction Fees
No matter you will register to which broker, there will be transaction fees charged on your forex transactions. There are generally two types of transaction costs: spreads and commissions. A forex broker can charge only spreads, commissions only, or even both. Spread is usually a few pips added to the ask/bid price when buy/sell is done. While the commissions are usually calculated in the amount of US dollars per traded lot. The amount of spread and commission in each broker varies, so you can customize it with your trading style.

3. Deposit and Withdrawal Method
A good forex broker will allow you to deposit and withdraw funds as easily and quickly as possible. However, regard to Indonesian traders applying to overseas brokers may be more complex than those applying to a local broker.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Are you currently undergoing a weight loss program? Do you regularly schedule for exercise? If so, how did you work? Sometimes we have tried hard to lose weight, like routinely doing cardio exercise, but to lose just 1 kg feels difficult. Naturally, many people look for various ways to lose weight without exercise. Even though we feel that our energy has been drained away, why don’t the scales go down? If there is a way to lose weight without exercise, you definitely want to try it, right? Exercise does take time, not to mention daily activities make you tired. Commitment to regular exercise has disappeared. Then, are there other solutions to lose weight? You can Visit this website.

Indeed, your weight will not necessarily decrease drastically. However, for those of you who don’t have time to exercise, the following ways can be done to lose weight.

The brain needs time to process what we are going to do. Chewing food slowly, feeling the taste of the food, then swallowing it can make us realize that we are eating. You may often feel like you are not really conscious when you are eating because your brain is wandering about your work, schoolwork, homework, and much more. Thus, the brain does not have time to process that we are full. Chewing food slowly can increase satiety, besides that food can also be digested properly by the enzymes in the mouth. The calories that enter will be less. A review of 23 research observations cited by the Authority Nutrition, found that fast eaters gained weight more easily when compared to casual eaters.

An effective way to lose weight is to eat more fiber. Foods rich in fiber help you feel full for a long time. One type of fiber, namely viscous fiber, can form a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel will increase the time to absorb nutrients and slow down digestion so that the stomach does not empty quickly.

Make Sure Your Family is Safe Indoors or Out

When arranging a house, the comfort aspect is always a priority. Then, what about the security aspect? Unfortunately, this important aspect is often overlooked. Even though the house is a place to take shelter, you need to know that the house can also be a place of danger, such as fire, slipping, and poisoning due to leaking gas cylinders. Therefore, don’t neglect the security aspects of your home. You can make your home safer by preventing potential hazards at home. For that, Heras fencing hires have prepared five danger signs in the house that you must pay attention to. If you have small children at home, install railings on both sides of the ladder to prevent falling off the ladder. Besides, use stair lights which not only function to illuminate the stairs at night, but also decorate the part of your household heras mesh fencing.

Fire hazards can occur due to electrical short circuits, burning candles, an explosion of gas cylinders, and so on. To prevent an electrical short circuit, make sure you install the power cable properly. After that, arrange the cables neatly. You can use special cable clips or hide cables behind a cabinet. When lighting a candle, keep it in a safe place out of reach of children and other flammable objects. Also, the installation of an alarm or smoke detector is also required to provide a fire hazard signal. The reason is, fires can occur when the occupants of the house are fast asleep, so by using this alarm, you can find out the fire hazard signs when fast asleep. Also, make sure you put the fire extinguisher in an area that is easily accessible, OK!

The presence of a ladder is very important for moving places in a terraced house. Although very functional, stairs are also prone to dangers because if you are not careful, you or your family members can slip or fall on the stairs. Therefore, use a danger sign on the stairs in the form of an anti-slip coating at the end of the steps. The handrail must also be strong and easy to reach.

So Wählen Sie Ein Hochwertiges Schlafkissen

In letzter Zeit wurde zunehmend Wert auf hochwertige Schlafkissen gelegt. Mit dem richtigen Kissen, z. B. einem Kräuterkissen, können Sie steife Schultern behandeln und Verspannungen im Nacken reduzieren. Kissen gibt es jedoch in einer Vielzahl von Stärken, Dichten und Größen, die Sie bei der Auswahl verwirren können BIO ALLGAEU.

Kissen können uns tief und fest schlafen lassen, indem sie die richtige Schlafposition beibehalten. Worauf sollten wir bei der Auswahl eines Kissens achten? Im Folgenden werden die Punkte erläutert, auf die Sie bei der Auswahl eines Kissens achten sollten.

Wählen Sie zunächst die richtige Kissenhöhe
Um die richtige Schlafposition beizubehalten, müssen Sie die richtige Kissenhöhe wählen. Die ideale Kissenhöhe ist, wenn Sie auf dem Rücken schlafen, kann Ihr Kopf einen Winkel von fünf Grad bilden. Sie müssen jedoch Schwierigkeiten haben, den Neigungswinkel Ihres Kopfes im Schlaf zu bestimmen, oder? Im Folgenden erklären wir Ihnen, wie Sie die ideale Kissenhöhe auswählen.

Wenn Sie es im Geschäft ausprobieren möchten, stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Blick auf Ihren Rücken gerichtet ist
Wenn Sie im Geschäft ein Kissen probieren können, wählen Sie ein Kissen, bei dem Ihre Augen auf dem Rücken über Ihre Füße schauen. Man kann sagen, dass die Position einen Winkel von fünf Grad zum Kopf bildet. Wenn dann das Nackenbein beim Schlafen auf Ihrer Seite parallel zur Matratze ist, kann gesagt werden, dass die Höhe basierend auf der Halskurve ideal ist. Da jeder Hals anders ist, kann die ideale Kissenhöhe nicht mit Sicherheit angegeben werden. Männer wählen jedoch normalerweise Kissen mit einer Höhe von etwa 2-5 cm. In der Regel wählen Frauen Kissen mit einer Körpergröße von ca. 1-3 cm.

Wenn Sie es nicht probieren können, vergleichen Sie es mit dem Kissen, das gerade verwendet wird
Wenn Sie ein Kissen über einen Online-Shop kaufen, können Sie definitiv nicht versuchen, sich hinzulegen. Daher sollten Sie ein Kissen auswählen, das auf dem Kissen basiert, das Sie gerade verwenden. Wenn Sie Probleme mit steifen Schultern und Kopfschmerzen haben, ist das verwendete Kissen wahrscheinlich zu hoch. Wenn Sie beim Aufwachen eine Schwellung des Gesichts feststellen, ist das verwendete Kissen wahrscheinlich zu niedrig.

Für diejenigen unter Ihnen, die oft schnarchen, versuchen Sie es mit einem unteren Kissen. Auf diese Weise kann das Schnarchen reduziert werden, da die Atemwege beim Schlafen weniger belastet sind. Wir erklären auch, wie Sie das ideale Kissen am Ende des Artikels auswählen. Lesen Sie es auch.

Simple Ways To Make Business Bookkeeping Better

For business people, whether they have just opened a business, are running a business, or are about to switch to other business fields, a businessman in running his business is obliged to do bookkeeping from northern beaches bas expert. Of course, the business that we will run later wants to develop quickly and the services or products we produce compete in the marketplace with an increasing share, right?

With our money bookkeeping, it will be easier for us to manage finances, make decisions, and of course, our future steps to run our business are more organized and tidier. At first glance, bookkeeping may look complicated, but if we really understand the steps of bookkeeping from beginning to its finishing, namely financial statements are actually very easy.

Collect and Analyze Transaction Evidence
The bookkeeping process starts from collecting all existing transaction evidence in the form of proof of payment, proof of receipt, and other evidence related to the business we are running, proof of payment can be in the form of receipts, deeds, letters of agreement, money orders, etc., after we collect it, now identify the evidence so that the validity of its value and the status of the transaction is certain.

Make a Transaction Journal
After the transaction process is analyzed, the next process is to record it in the transaction journal, the process of recording transactions can be done when there is a new transaction or we collect it in 1 day when we record it, but of course, it is more efficient to record every transaction because to prevent errors in when posting to the ledger.

Moving Transactions to the General Ledger
After the transaction is complete, we record it in this transaction journal, the next step is to move it to the ledger, in the journal all existing accounts are recorded, both cash transactions, accounts receivable, payable, payments, etc. are all recorded. But in a different ledger, we will classify the accounts according to the type of transaction, for example, for transactions involving accounts receivable, we will only classify accounts receivable transactions. This is what is called General Ledger.